UniBarcode Lite v1.0
By Unisoftware.co.za
Locate the software you downloaded and install.

Revision 1 (incomplete)
When setup is done, the Microsoft Office Access Database Engine setup will start installation.
This will allow uniBarcode Lite to read Excel files without having MS Excel installed on your Computer.

An icon will now appear on your desktop called UniBarcode Lite.
Other icons will also appear in the: Start Menu\Programs\Unisoftware
Before you can start, you need data to import.
Most point of sale and Inventory Systems do have a function where the Stock Data can be exported.
The Exported file need to be in Excel format.
The contents of the Excel file need to be in the following format.
First row contains the Column Headers (Barcode, Description, Units, Price)
Below that, the data as per example below.
NB: there is no limit to the amount of rows you import, it can also contain duplicate rows if you want to print more that one of the same labels.
An updated version of the manual will be uploaded soon.